2021 Program Overview

To educate, support and strengthen
fathers and young men who are
the fathers of tomorrow.

Healthy Father,
Healthy Families

Continuing with our theme from 2018,
in 2021 we are focusing on Occupational,
Financial, Emotional and Physical Wellness.


In 2021, we will offer two workshop series:
24/7 Dad and the 3R’s (Requirement,
Responsibility and Resilience).

Union County Fatherhood Initiative Coalition [UCFIC] develops and implements programs to educate, support and strengthen fathers and young men who are the fathers of tomorrow.

Founded in 2013, we are an all-volunteer organization, that conducts community events, and educational workshops. We also bring together county-wide partnerships and networking activities, to benefit men and fathers of color.

With pilot funding of $60,000, UCFIC, under the leadership of the Program Director Rod Spearman, we laid the groundwork county-wide activities and managed implementation of all educational workshops including an annual conference.

The UCFP pilot model includes:

  • Community awareness and education
  • Community “Pop -Up” events
  • Adult and youth workshop recruitment and screening
  • Adult and youth educational groups, social support and evaluation.

Evidenced-Based Model

Educational models used are the evidence-based National Fatherhood Initiative “24/7 Dad” curriculum for adults and the Kiah Institute’s “Three R’s” curriculum for youth. There are three experienced trained instructors who will facilitate the adult groups and three for the youth groups. The Pops-Up events will utilize four topic experts for educational content.

Goals of the program for participants are:

1) strengthen awareness and understanding of father/male roles and responsibilities
2) improve personal communication skills
3) improve father engagement and family relationships
4) improve self-esteem, self-care and self-efficacy
5) strengthen social supports and community resource access.

The pilot program will target five Union County communities with a higher prevalence of African-American and Latino fathers/men who may have less than average access to parent education and support resources. During the 2019 pilot, six trainers and four consultants will deliver 22 educational sessions to 60 recruited fathers/male participants [40 adults/20 youth]. At a projected 50% completion rate, UCFP will “graduate” 30 fathers/young men from the program and will provide feedback and evaluation for subsequent improvements.

UCFIC appreciates consideration of this pilot program and will provide additional information in response to inquiries.