We continue our commitment to supporting the needs and challenges of being a father in America today. We are dedicated to raising awareness of the critical role fathers play in our families and communities and how important it is to be healthy and remain healthy.

Feel free to explore, engage and encourage one another. Ask questions and share openly as we continue to find ways to learn and be more effective at this thing called Fatherhood. Following are resources you may find helpful.

UCFIC 2020 Conference Resources

Mathew Knowles talks about supporting black businesses:

Activity Ideas for Dads and their Children

Spending time with their Dads mean everything to their children. Here are some ideas for easy, free or low-cost ways to spend quality time with your kids. Use the filter on the left to find activities appropriate for your children’s ages.  Links to activities: https://www.fatherhood.gov/for-dads/activities-for-dads-and-kids

The DadTalk

The DadTalk blog features insights from dads and Responsible Fatherhood practitioners from around the country. Its goal is to start conversations about important issues surrounding fatherhood and programs for fathers today. Link to all articles on fatherhood issues: https://www.fatherhood.gov/dadtalk-blog

Juggling Responsibilities

Dads, we know you’re juggling so many responsibilities at home right now, like other dads across the country. The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) has created an important short video message to encourage and inspire dads like you to get connected and stay connected with your kids. Link to video: https://www.fatherhood.gov/research-and-resources/connecting-dad

Tip Card for Dads of Teens

This tip sheet offers dads insights related to common adolescent behaviors, teen-parenting needs, and cyberbullying statistics. Links to references are provided for those who would like to learn more.  https://www.fatherhood.gov/sites/default/files/resource_files/hhsacfofa_tip_card_for_dads_of_teens_508.pdf

The Fatherhood Project: Videos

To help parents and practitioners sort through the overwhelming number of websites, blogs, and other fatherhood-related media in the search for useful resources and important research, The Fatherhood Project features an ongoing, curated selection of high quality, downloadable Videos, Audio Clips, Articles & Books, Research, and Links. Link to Videos: https://www.thefatherhoodproject.org/resources/videos/

Guidelines to Creating Routines for Children

Guidelines and tips for fathers to create routine times to engage with their children.  Link to PDF with tips: https://www.thefatherhoodproject.org/media/Create-Ritual-Dad-Time.pdf

Building Stronger Bonds With Your Children

Ways for fathers to build strong, healthy emotional connections with their children.  Link to PDF: https://www.thefatherhoodproject.org/media/TFP.FathersAttachment.Card-1.pdf


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