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The Union County Fatherhood Initiative Coalition[UCFIC] has developed a pilot Union County Fatherhood Program[UCFP] to educate, support and strengthen fathers and young men who are the fathers of tomorrow. The UCFIC seeks $60,835 in contributed support, grants and/or contracts. As a Corporate or Foundation sponsor your contribution will make it possible for UCFIC to meet its 2019 goals.  

Goals of the program for participants are: 1] strengthen awareness/understanding of father/male roles and responsibilities; 2] improve personal communication skills; 3] improve father engagement and family relationships; 4] improve self-esteem, self-care and self-efficacy; 5] strengthen social supports and community resource access.

Sponsorship levels begin at $500.00. Click on LEARN MORE button for additional information.

U. C. Fatherhood Sustaining Sponsors

U. C. Fatherhood Sustaining Sponsors


Union County Fatherhood Initiative Coalition relies upon individual contributors to meet its goals each year. Most non-profits receive contributions of all amounts, but on average they average $60.  So, click on the DONATE button above and become part of a growing list of UCFIC supporters.