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Have you ever heard the statement, “I’ll never be like my daddy”? I bet a million times over. Listen, It’s one thing to say it, but it’s another thing to actually do something about it. In this session you will learn how to thrive, lead, and live a transformational life as a 21st century dad. You don’t┬áhave to live to exist, you can actually exist to live and demonstrate to your significant other, child’s mother, your community, and most importantly your children what it means to father on purpose whether in the home or out of the home.

Speaker: Shon Hart

Executive Director
InvolvedDad Nonprofit
Flint, MI

Founder and Executive Director of InvolvedDad. We work with fathers to strengthen families, increase engagement and involvement. In turn, increases emotional, personal, social and academic success. “Fathers Involved Today,

Shon served as Chaplin for the Michigan Department of Corrections Equip and Empower men to live their best lives through spiritual and practical means.

He attended Michigan State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree In Family and Community Services

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