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The Power of Reflection

What is mental health?

Why is it important? (We have annual screenings for everything but mental health (physical, eye exams, dental ect. but nothing for mental health)

How are you really keeping track of your mental health?

Are you actually dealing with your emotions or repressing them?

** Will elaborate on this when speaking **

There’s a stigma attached to speaking on mental health and it’s importance within the minority community. So we have to have more conversations like this to assure we are dismantling the negative connotation associated with it.

** Will elaborate much more here and share some tips for prioritizing our mental health **

TRANSITION – Speaking about the power of reflection in relation to mental health.

Our minds are constantly running which makes it difficult to process our thoughts and emotions. This is where stress is rooted and mental health becomes more of a struggle when trying to manage or make sense of our thoughts/ emotions.

** I will elaborate more on the importance of self- reflection here **

As we all experienced the pandemic and grieving the change of our everyday norm: Speak about the effects of having to adjust. There was a valuable lesson that we all should have taken away from having this down time. We were all granted one of the most valuable things which was “TIME”.

What did you do with your “time”?

What did you learn or take away from this down time?

How will you apply what you have learned?

From this point I will then go into how self- reflection helped me not to only “go” through but “grow” through the pandemic and even encouraged me to publish my own self- reflection book.

(Speak on the process of writing the book and what it did for me mentally)

I will also speak about how while writing the book and how I also had the chance to reflect. It really helped me to prioritize certain things in my life and realize the little things that really matter most. (It gave me a sense of peace).

When we focus on the things that matter most, we live a more fruitful life. In addition, our mental health becomes better and easier to strengthen. We have to focus on the things that we can control “which is ourselves” and not the things that we can’t.

** Will elaborate more **

**Speak about book and the aim and goal share amazon link and personal contact information**

Speaker: Tyshon Garrett

Tyshon Garrett was born and raised in Newark, NJ. He received his undergraduate degree from Montclair State University in Family and Child Studies, with a certification in Child Advocacy. He then continued his education and earned a master’s degree in Professional Counseling/ Ed.S. from Seton Hall University. Tyshon has been very active as he has much versatility in experience with behavioral assistance, individual and group counseling, motivational speaking workshops, community outreach and mentorship.

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